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Are Your Lights Flickering?

Schedule electrical repair & maintenance services in Augusta, GA & Aiken, SC

It's easy to take electricity for granted until something stops working. Since you rely on electricity to get through the day, don't hesitate to call Brown's Electrical Services when you experience an electrical problem. We provide electrical repair services in the Augusta, GA & Aiken, SC area and can diagnose and fix your system. By scheduling repairs as soon as possible, you can prevent small problems from turning into major issues.

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We help with all kinds of issues

Whether you have a total power outage or a single broken fixture, our electrician can help. We perform electrical repair services for...

  • Broken outlets, switches and light fixtures
  • Circuit breakers that don't work properly
  • Circuits that are constantly shorting

You can also help avoid issues with preventive electrical maintenance. Our electrician will inspect your electrical system to find potential problems and keep your system in tiptop shape.

Arrange for electrical maintenance or repair services today.